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President – Micah D. Wells, Esq.

Micah D. Wells serves as President of African Strategy Partners. He is responsible for overseeing ASP’s global operations, strategic planning, and development. An American licensed attorney who has served his country as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves at various countries throughout Europe and Africa. As an attorney, he has represented clients in international transactions and cross border investments. Because of his unique international experience, he has served as a lecturer for Continuing Legal Education (CLE’s) courses to practicing attorneys in Europe and the United States on the topic of the international practice of law. As a reserve military officer, he has been called to active duty several times. Past assignments include the U.S. Embassy in Rome (Italy) where he served as Acting Chief of Operations, Plans, and Agreements, in the Office of Defense Cooperation. He later was assigned to the American Embassy in Kinshasa (Dem. Rep of Congo) where he served as the Chief, Military Security Cooperation for both, U.S. Embassy Kinshasa (Dem. Rep. of Congo) and U.S Embassy Brazzaville (Rep. of Congo). While assigned to Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA), in Djibouti, he was selected to serve as the Command’s liaison to US Embassy Djibouti and as the liaison to the Djiboutian Armed Forces for CJTF-HOA. For his service, he was bestowed the Medaille de Chevailier dans l’Ordre National du 27 Juin. The award, given by Presidential Decree, is the highest award that can be given to a foreigner whose distinguished merits contributed to Djibouti’s development and advancement. He has a B.A. and J.D., from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He speaks, English, German and French. He serves as the Publisher of the leading African web portals:,,

Executive Director – Capt. Moussa Rayaleh Waberi

Moussa Rayaleh Waberi serves as Director of African Strategy Partners. Captain Waberi is an experienced international businessman and former Airline Executive who worked 27 years in the airline industry. During his illustrious career, he held various management positions to include: Chairman of the Board, Director General, Chief Pilot (17,000 hours), Fleet Manager, and Passenger & Cargo Sales Manager. In 1993, he founded Puntavia Airlines, the first regional airline in Djibouti and Somalia. Under his leadership, Puntavia Airlines grew into Djibouti Airlines, the National Flag carrier of Djibouti. His experience as an Airline Executive, led him to open up routes and markets in 30 African Countries. As a businessman, he is one of the leading consultants in East and Central Africa, where he has helped companies in various fields enter into the East and Central African Market. Previous and present business experience includes satellite cable TV, construction and general contracting, exclusive agent of industrial products and international trading, import and export, logistics, transport and transit services, sales representative of Chinese regional aircrafts (MA60) and aviation products, consultancy and investment promotion, representative and consultant of Chinese State Enterprises such as China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, China Jiangsu International, Shandong Highway Engineering Construction Group, and China Merchants. In addition to various aircraft licenses (from private to jet aircraft), he posses an M.A. in Aeronautical Engineering. He is fluent in English, French, Somali, and Arabic.

Executive Director – Dr. Ken Giami

Dr. Ken Giami. Serves as Director of African Strategy Partners. Dr. Giami is internationally recognized as one of Africa’s dynamic leaders in African Business and Leadership. He is the Founder and Director of the Center for Economic & Leadership Development, an NGO currently in special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC). He is publisher and Editor in Chief of the highly rated African Leadership Magazine, a journal aimed at promoting good governance and celebrating impactful leadership in Africa. Additionally, he also serves as the Editor of African Energy & Infrastructure Magazine. As a businessman, Dr. Giami serves as Chairman of the Nigeria-Indonesia Commercial Association, Chairman, Greenland Energy & Exploration Ltd and Chairman, African Leadership Holdings Ltd. Dr. Giami holds a Bachelor and Master Degree (AC) in Government and Public Administration from the York St. John University in the UK and a Doctorate degree in Communication Arts (Honoris Causa) from The Abbey College, London Graduate School / Commonwealth University.

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer – Agostino Albero

Agostino Albero serves as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of African Strategy Partners. He is responsible for ASP’s advisory operations, investments, and development. His responsibilities include project origination, structuring, execution and monitoring strategy. Prior to co-founding African Strategy Partners, Mr. Albero worked in Germany with a private bank as an independent project investment advisor in the energy & commodity sector. He was involved in national as well as cross-border acquisitions, investments, and trading transactions. He has assisted investment funds, private investors, and companies, in the acquisition and financing of energy facilities, including project financing. Prior, he worked 4 years as the Executive Director and General Manager for a 180 person engineering company based in Germany, where he was responsible for project acquisitions and financing, controlling, operations, strategy, and business development. He holds a Masters Degree in International Business Law from Federico II University in Naples, Italy. He did further study in Munich, Germany at Ludwig Maximilian University where he studied Banking and Finance Law. Additionally, Mr. Albero holds a Master in International Business & Government Affairs from Societa’ Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale (SIOI) in Rome. After completion of his Masters Degree, he trained as a junior analyst at the Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce, where he conducted project investment analysis, research, business intelligence and operations. He is a certified Financial Controller after having completed his training at Technische Akademie, Esslingen, Germany. Mr. Albero speaks English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Director, Renewable Energy – Goffredo Buglione

Goffredo Buglione serves as Director of Renewable Energy Projects for African Strategy Partners. Mr. Buglione is responsible for ASP’s technical advisory operations and development for Renewable Energy Projects. His responsibilities include project development of energy facilities and infrastructure, strategic analysis, selection of the best available technology to perform the energy production, technical feasibility analysis and project management. With more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, he has established himself as an expert of advising on the development and construction of renewable energy facilities (solar, wind, hydro, geothermic) and infrastructure, to include structuring and managing project financing deals. Throughout his career he has worked as project manager and technical consultant for some of the major international energy and asset management companies around the world to include Edison, Bioenergy, Nordex, Kinexia, Enercon, Iberdrola, General Electric, Dewi, Garrad Hassan, EGP, BP Solar, TN Group, Northern Power, Criel, IT Wind, Solar Ren, WKN, Lahmeyer, A Power, ABB, Endesa, A Energy, Solon, Gamesa, GdFrance, and Renergy.  Prior to joining ASP/CSP, Goffredo worked as an independent developer and technical consultant for, investment funds, energy companies, and private equity firms, advising on technical issues related to the development, acquisition, and financing of renewable energy facilities, to include project financing. Some of his previous projects include planning, development, and construction of renewable energy power plants, wind power (870 mw), PV (230 MW), hydro (140 MW), biomass (45 MW), CHP (28 MW) and geothermal (20 MW). He has lectured and Europe, Asia and North America. He holds a Master Degree in civil engineering from Federico II University in Naples, Italy. He speaks English and Italian.

Director, Agribusiness – Domenico Terenzio

Domenico Terenzio serves as Director of Agribusiness for African Strategy Partners. Mr.Terenzio is responsible for ASP’s technical advisory operations and development for the agribusiness sector. His responsibilities include project investment origination, strategic analysis, selection of the best innovative technologies and project management within the Agribusiness Sector. Mr.Terenzio, is renowned leading expert in the field of humic substances, (components to improve soil fertility) having worked around the world in the Agribusiness sector for the past 25 years. His many years of work and research have led to him being the holder of several international patents of Gluchumates, Humoaglinates fertilizer, and Humoalginates. He has conducted extensive research in Africa on the rationalization of water resources, bacterial disease of crops, and methods of using Humofolates fertilizers and their positive impact on crops. Previously he served as Chief Technical Officer and Scientific Research Manager of Fertifersrl (Medestea Group), where he led the development of agricultural projects throughout the world. He is a member of the American Society of Agronomy and he has lectured and presented papers in seminars at  international universities and research centers around the world. He holds a Master Degree in Agricultural Science from University of Rome.

Director, Islamic Project Financing (Sukuk) – Fikri Alogail

Fikri Alogail serves as Director of Islamic Project Financing (Sukuk) for African Strategy Partners. He is responsible for developing and structuring projects under Islamic Finance Principles (Sukuk). His responsibilities include locating, researching and drafting of instruments in compliance to Sukuk principles. Mr. Alogail has more than 15 years experience in banking, finance, consulting, and business development fields. He has served as Director of Finance and Investment at the Islamic Bank of Yemen for Finance and Investment in addition to serving as the Executive Director of the bank’s “Economic Empowerment Unit”, which specializes in the field of economic empowerment through Islamic financial instruments. He has served as a key consultant on projects with the Islamic Development Bank, Al-Amal Microfinance Bank, Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and International Project Consult GmbH. He has participated and lectured in international banking seminars and conferences in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He is recognized as an expert in the field of Islamic Microfinance Methodology. Mr. Alogail has a Degree in Accounting from Taiz University, Yemen and High Diploma in Financial Markets from Arab Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences Sana’a Branch, Yemen. He has MBA in Small and Medium Size Enterprises Development from University of Leipzig, Germany. He speaks English, Arabic, and German.